Body architectures for kinesthetic memory, 2022

Workshop, talk

Body architecture for kinesthetic memory deals with the artistic practice of redesigning the human body with technology in order to explore the possibilities that sound has to act as a language via the perception of the movement of the body. Through the use of sensors for detecting body motion, the design of wearable structures and machine learning algorithms, the devices and the perception of our body are merged, blurring the boundary between what is human and what is artificial.

The workshop is about learning how to design electronic motion capture devices applied to the body to explore the relationship between body movement and sound.
In a first phase of the workshop the participants are introduced to the key concepts of interaction, the types of sensors needed for motion detection and mapping strategies. In addition, materials and design for wearable projects are discussed. In the second phase, together with the participants, hand prototypes are created with a 3D printer to detect the movement of the fingers. This phase begins with the construction of the sensors and the physical structure, then the hardware is programmed to receive the data on the laptop. Subsequently applications are developed to experiment with different forms of association between sound and gestural movements.

Date: 26 - 29 / 07 / 2022
Location: Palazzo Bracci Pagani, Fano, Italy
Production: Transmedia Research Institute / Umanesimo Artificiale

Alessandro Bracalente
Andrea Badiali
Andrea Corradi
Jacopo Bianchi
Lorenzo Setti

13 / 11 / 2022 - Spaziocontemporanea, Brescia, Italy