Designing Motion and Sound Relationships, 2022

Designing Motion and Sound Relationships

Multi-Node Shell, 2022

Multi-Node Shell

Coro Eterno, 2022

Coro Eterno

Fiber Stretch Sensor, 2022

Fiber Stretch Sensor

Body architectures for kinesthetic memory, 2022

Body architectures for kinesthetic memory

Macchina Morbida, 2021-2022

Macchina Morbida

Magic Queen, 2021

Magic Queen

Wearable case #1, 2021

Wearable case #1

Naked Music, 2020

Naked Music

The Tannhäuser Gate, 2019

The Tannhäuser Gate

Frammenti, 2019-2020


Hyperzaum, 2019


Flanger Hoax, 2018

Flanger Hoax

Lost in Time, Lost in Space, 2018

Lost in Time, Lost in Space

Responsorio Meccanico, 2017

Responsorio Meccanico

Constellation, 2016
V, 2015