Constellation, 2016


CONSTELLATION a performance for an ensemble of 10 laptop computers and use a star map as a music score. On the map, stars, clusters, galaxies, nebulas and pulsars are voiced with a sound, and every musician writes his/her own constellations on the screen. A walkthrough in the sky.
The milky way then sings with watery bubbles, the pulsars make short bursts and the fire of the stars became an ever-changing resonance. Like tiny actors in the sky, the objects of the firmament take life and paint an organic soundscape with infinite variations, all around the listener which lies in a completely dark space.
The sound of the celestial bodies is created and processed in realtime, with the Three Axis Modal Synthesis (TAMS) creating virtual acoustic instruments made of precious gems and metals like sapphire, ruby, gold, platinum, silver, beryl, diamond…
CONSTELLATION is compelling work of sound that brings the listeners into the vastness of Cosmos.

Location: Teatro Arsenale. Milan, Italy

Written and directed by

Giorgio Sancristoforo

Luca Pagan
Andrea Cerrato
Luca Cozzi

Nazareno De Luca

Eric Guizzo

Marco Miduri

Marco Neridetti

Lorenzo Rinaldi

Marcello Sodano

Giacomo Somaruga

Produced by AGON

Supported by SIAE Classici di Oggi