Flanger Hoax App, 2018


Software: MaxMsp7

Flanger Hoax App is a MaxMsp digital emulation of Flanger Hoax Electro-Harmonix pedal. The Flanger Hoax is made up of two separate phaser sections and their associated Delay
Lines. The phaser sections are the Fixed Phaser and Swept Phaser. The Fixed Phaser will shift the phase of your input signal by a set amount of 240o. The Swept Phaser is more like a traditional phaser, modulated by a low frequency sine wave called the Modulator. Each phaser circuit is followed by its own delay line, each of which can also be independently swept by the Modulator. Each phaser section can be bypassed to access the delay lines without any phase shift. To top it all off, there is a Feedback control that allows you to send the wet output of the pedal or the output of the Swept Phaser back into the phaser circuits.