Il corpo riattivato, esperienze sensoriali aumentate, 2023


The panel Il corpo riattivato, esperienze sensoriali aumentate, included in the course Curare I Dati, deals with the artistic practice of redesigning the human body with technology in order to explore the possibilities that sound has to act as a language via the perception of the movement of the body. Through the use of sensors for detecting body motion, the design of wearable structures and machine learning algorithms, the devices and the perception of our body are merged, blurring the boundary between what is human and what is artificial.

The five-day training is divided into lectures in the classroom and gallery and an experiential workshop led by the artists and researchers HER. She Loves Data, which collaborated with MAXXI on the What a Wonderful World exhibition, creating the experimental prototype of a Digital Relational Ecosystem to allow the public to express themselves on the works, transforming the exhibition into a "data generator." The theoretical lectures enable participants to acquire the glossary necessary to understand data and its interconnections-with complexity, with the body, and with the community-as well as to learn what happens when data generated by visitors and the Museum becomes part of the Collection and works, describing methodologies, approaches, and tools for communicating and making data accessible to visitors, institutions, and the artistic and scientific community.

Date: 17-23/04/2023
Location: Museo MAXXI